Diversity Group

Notre Dame is called to be a community distinguished by its inclusivity. Running deeper than a statement of principles or a strategic planning document, it is an ideal that proceeds from a more fundamental source—and undoubtedly to the minds of some, a more unlikely one: the University’s Catholic character. Catholic social teaching affirms the transcendent dignity and worth of every human person. It holds that human beings are inescapably social and, as such, must strive together to realize the common good. And it calls on us to live in solidarity with all people.


Diversity Committee

Supporting diverse potential, admitted and current students while hosting social, networking, educational events for Atlanta alumni.  The Chair recruits a committee and promotes and runs social, community service, and educational programming promoting inclusion for alumni/ae of ethnically diverse and often traditionally underrepresented groups into the larger Notre Dame Club community.  Advocate for methods of inclusion of diverse alumni into traditional club events and activities.

Upcoming Events