Club Leadership

Officers, Board and Committee Chairs

The strength of our Club is its leadership! As a volunteer-run club, our activities are managed by a team of Committee Chairs who help to coordinate special events, groups of alumni, and other services with the University and with our local community. Please reach out to the Committee Chairs below if you have any questions or want to get involved.


Club Officers/Board

Ryan Gorey.jpg

Rian Gorey (1982, MBA 1984)

Club President, UGA Weekend Co-Chair, Golf Tournament, Board member, UND Celebration, Hesburgh Lecture

Elizabeth Pitcher-Gorey.jpg

Elizabeth Gorey

Vice-President, ND Women Connect Co-Chair, Golf Tournament, UGA Weekend, Board member

Mike Carey NDATL.jpg

Michael Carey (1974)

Club Secretary, Senior Alumni Co-Chair, Board member

Julie Meier.jpg

Julie Meier (2011)

Club Treasurer, ND Women Connect Co-Chair, Board member

Courtney Sissine.jpg

Courtney Sladich (2010)

President Ex-officio, Board member

Board Members

Leo Derosiers.jpg

Michael “Leo” Desrosiers (1981)

UGA Weekend Co-Chair, Golf Tournament Chair, Board member


Russ Williams (1997)

Student Send-off, UGA Weekend, Hesburgh Lecture Committee, Board member

Jim Collins.jpg

Jim Collins (1961)

Senior Alumni Committee Co-chair, Board member

Jon Fligg.jpg

Jon Fligg (1993, JD 1997)

Membership Co-Chair, ND Law/Business Chair, Board member

Bryce Chung.jpg

Bryce Chung (2010, MBA 2010)

Webmaster, Diversity Co-Chair, Board member

Richard Westenberger.jpg

Richard Westenberger (1990)

Peach State Scholarship Committee Chair, Board member


Amy Secor (1997)

Student Relations Chair, Board member

Kara Miller.jpg

Kara Miller (1994)

Summer Service Learning Program Chair, Board member


Committee Chairs / Members

Monica Alexander.jpg

Monica Alexander (1990)

Diversity Co-Chair, Peachtree State Scholarship Committee, UGA Weekend Committee


Phil Lynch (MBA 2013)

Business Committee Chair

Matt Schaefer.jpg

Matt Schaefer (2017)

Young Alumni Co-Chair, Game watch Committee, UGA Weekend Committee

Rachel O'Grady.jpg

Rachel O’Grady (2018)

Young Alumni Co-Chair, Game watch Committee

Homer Wants You.png


Communications Chair


Tim Thilman (1965)

Game watch Committee, Peachtree State Scholarship Committee

Tom Larimer Headshot.jpg

Tom Larimer (2000)

UGA Weekend Committee, Game watch Committee, NDAtlanta website



Past Presidents

With heartfelt gratitude for their service to our Club:


2017-2018: Courtney Sladich

2017: Paul Murphy

2014-2016: Russ Williams

2012-2014: Michael “Leo” Desrosiers

2010-2012: Lauren Fowler, Alison Heinz

2008-2010: Kevin McHugh

2006-2008: Chris Kocks

2004-2006: Bob Splude

2002-2004: Mike Morris

2000-2002: Todd Stroup

1998-2000: Jay Mannelly

1996-1998: Tim Thilman

1994-1996: Carl Rohsenberger

1992-1994: Vic Miller

1990-1992: Mitch Wilkes

1988-1990: Scott Carroll

1986-1988: Tom Lauth

1984-1986: John Aisthorpe

1982-1984: Larry Mandyck

1980-1982: Scott Braley

1974-1980: John Rahiya

1970-1974: Jerry Keifer

1966-1970: Jim Eichelberger

1962-1966: Lou Loncaric

1958-1962: Robert Hockman