ND Women Connect


ND Women Connect Committee

The ND Women’s Connect Chair recruits and helps serve fellow alumnae in professional and social events; support and inspire each other to live the most fulfilling lives possible.  The chair proactively monitors and encourages women in the local area to join and network starting by registration at myNotreDamemyNotreDame is how our female grads can find each other and serves as the basis for the NDWC mailing list in your area.  The NDWC Chair surveys all of your local alumnae throughout the year to gauge their interest in a variety of possible activities, programs, and projects.  The University’s Women’s Connect has a "how to" guide on how to create and deploy an easy (and free) online survey (http://womenconnect.alumni.nd.edu).  One area important to the role is work with the Chuck and Joan Lennon Gospel of Life Initiative and other community service events.

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