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Notre Dame's community of women have a bond of shared, unique experiences. As one of our alumni said in an article on Notre Dame Women Connect, "ND women define success not just by how many rungs they can climb up the ladder, but also by how they realize their own potential and love their friends and family well."

Let's support and inspire each other to live the most fulfilling lives possible.  Our mission statement is simple, yet compelling. ND Women Connect provides Notre Dame Community alumnae the opportunity to:

  • Connect - by encouraging personal and professional relationships

  • Nurture - by fostering personal, spiritual, and professional growth; and

  • Give back - by helping us make valuable contributions to Notre Dame, our communities, and to causes that inspire us

Want to get involved and build a strong and supportive women's community in Atlanta? Have an idea for an event? Have questions? Click the button below to contact us.

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