Peachstate Scholarship

From a humble beginning more than 20 years ago, the Club has raised funds for this scholarship through an annual Golf Event, raffles, game tickets and more recently the Fightin’ Irish Dash. Over the years and through the efforts of many dedicated volunteers, the scholarship fund has grown to over $850,000.

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In Support of Local Students

The Peach State Scholarship was created in 1996 by the Notre Dame Club of Atlanta. The scholarship is a needs-based award presented to students from north and central Georgia who are attending the University of Notre Dame. The Club has expanded its efforts to increase our annual contribution so we can help make a bigger impact to the students receiving funds.

The Club currently contributes to seven students annually. Your support of this effort will enable the ND Club of Atlanta to make that increase to our annual contribution to the students attending the University of Notre Dame and help them develop into tomorrow’s leaders in our community and around the country.

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Annual Charity Golf Tournament

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As the primary fundraiser for local scholarships, the annual Scholarship Golf Tournament is a great way to support local students. This event brings out the best in the ND community and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for scholarships and community service initiatives.

Sponsors help us keep costs for golfers reasonable, so if you are interested in sponsoring, please let us know.

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Peachstate Scholarship Committee

One important way in which a club can bring the energies and enthusiasm of its membership to bear on a vital need of the University is through the sponsorship of a club scholarship fund. Under such a program, the club undertakes to raise sufficient principal to provide an annual scholarship to a deserving student from the club area. The funds are held by the University and combined with the other University endowment funds from which they receive a pro-­‐rata share of income each fiscal year.  To administer such a program, the club appoints a Peachstate Scholarship Chair.

Fundraising activities on behalf of the club scholarship are managed by the club executive committee and board of directors and should be coordinated through the NDAA. Although several methods of raising funds are available to clubs, one of the most successful is a simple donation line on the club annual dues form.  In addition, some clubs hold special fundraising events.

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