Student Sendoff

This event always takes place in late July or early August just before the start of the new school year. The Student Send Off is a great place for incoming and current Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s students to meet local alumni and one another, to celebrate the upcoming school year, and to hear great stories and past experiences!

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Welcome New Domers!

The student sendoff took place on August 4th at Pace Academy in Atlanta. Approximately 100 people attended. We invited the Class of 2023 and their families to the annual Student Send-Off, hosted by the Notre Dame Club of Atlanta. This was be a great opportunity for new students and their parents to interact with fellow students, parents, and Notre Dame alumni. We had concurrent Q&A sessions for students and their parents so each could get the inside scoop on campus life from current ND students and young alums while your parents discuss all things related to getting the students settled on campus.

Who was Invited?: Students & families of the Notre Dame Class of 2023, transfer students, current students & their families, and members of the Notre Dame Club of Atlanta.