Young Alumni

Attracting and holding the interest of young alumni, those ten or fewer years since graduation, has become increasingly important and challenging, as clubs seek a smooth transition to younger leadership. Mixers and house parties, networking, hiking and biking trips, community service programs, overnight trips, class mini-­‐reunions, or even youth-­‐oriented seminar topics and speakers are examples of how a club might reach out to the more recent classes.

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Young Alumni Committee

A Young Alumni Chair, with fresh ideas and boundless enthusiasm, is a smart addition to the executive committee and board of directors of every club, if only to convey to all younger alumni that their interests are being recognized and their contributions welcomed. The Young Alumni Chair will recruit and enlist committee members, helpers and event committees, bringing in ever more numbers of young alums. An important activity to many young alumni is enrollment and admissions work, since their knowledge about the current Notre Dame is freshest and it is usually much easier for applicants to speak with young alumni. The Young Alumni Chair and NDAA Young Alumni representatives should work together to bring young alumni to the club through admissions and welcoming new graduates to the area.

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